Mina Nath came home

Coming home… it is the title of exhibition, presenting in Sztyler’s Gallery in Tarnów. Pictures by Mina Nath came from Wenezuela and USA. Mina’s family want to sell all paintings as one collection and give money for renovation of Jewish Cemetery in Tarnów. See more on: http://minasartformemory.weebly.com/. On this website you can also read Minas’s history of life. 
The special organizer of event was Gerald Vineberg with his wife, Marcia, from Canada. During the opening ceremonies we also could meet Silvia Nath – Mina’s daughter with her husband Martin, which came from Wenezuela. Barbara Kupšowska (de domo Śmietana) made evening even better with her beautiful voice.

After artistic part of event Marcia Vineberg and Silvia Nath lit Shabbat canndles and led the Shabbat prayer, then Gerry and Martin pray over vine and challah.

The exhibition is shown one month, until July 15.
Phot. by Natalia Gancarz