Renovation of the Jewish Cemetery in Tarnów 2017-18


Jewish Cemetery in Tarnów

Address: ul. Szpitalna
33-100 Tarnów
Plot nr 54, area 0164

Owner: Jewish Community in Cracow
ul. Miodowa 27
31-055 Cracow

Manager: Committee for Protection of Jewish Culture in Tarnów
33-100 Tarnów, Rynek 20-21


The subject of the application consists of historic architectural objects located on the remnants of a Jewish cemetery in Tarnów.
The scope of the application includes:
• Opening of the side walkways by creating a hard surface on the basis of completed detailed surveying work which catalogued both remaining original fragments of boundaries as well as resolved conflicts between tombstones and their rendering on the maps.
• Restoration and conservation of the fences along Słoneczna and Starodąbrowska Streets.
• Removal of the ruins of the original wall along Słoneczna Street and a cleanup of the entire cemetery grounds.
• Reconstruction of the fence along the eastern edge bordering plots 89/28, 89/25, 89/26, 107/7/ with a gate and a supporting ramp providing access from the northern side.
• Replacement/reconstruction of a decaying wall at the entrance from Szpitalna Street. On the cemetery side of this wall construction of a lapidarium from surviving pieces of matzevahs from Tarnow and other nearby cemeteries is anticipated.
• Conservation and restoration of the funeral pre-burial house (beit tehara) and modifying it for display purposes.
• Conservation of the cement base and immediate surroundings of the monument.
• Construction of lighting for the walkways, erection of benches, placement of trash cans, and information boards (a large one at the entrance and smaller ones along the walkways forming an information trail for visitors)

Also to be completed will be reconstructive work on the tombstones whose range and construction methods will be in accordance with the conservation program.

In addition, construction of an outside information kiosk is expected. Siting of the kiosk will require a separate agreement with local authorities.

Furthermore, TOY-TOY type portable toilets and a shed for gardening tools will be set up.

The cemetery is protected by a conservation designation.


The purpose of this application is to define the methods and scope of the necessary repair and maintenance work of the items covered by the application.


The application is based on:
• Site visits conducted at the location in March, April and May 2016 combined with excavations, necessary research, and photographic documentation
• Inventory of items to be repaired made by the applicant
• report of findings with representatives of UOZ [Office for the Protection of Monuments] delegated to Tarnów regarding the scope and methods of the necessary conservation and restoration work at the Jewish cemetery in Tarnów, May 6th, 2016
• Currently applicable regulations of the Building Code and appropriate material standards.


Translated by Russ Maurer