The Committee for the Preservation of the Jewish Heritage in Tarnów has existed since 1988. It was established at the Regional Museum in Tarnów to better protect and promote the Jewish heritage of the town. Over the years, the association has significantly expanded its area of activity, acting on behalf of minorities living in the historical area of Galicia.
The Committee does not employ any employees, and all forms of activity are based on the activities of volunteers. Currently, the Committee’s regular volunteer work is performed by the President and one additional person. For the purposes of specific activities, such as organizing the Days of Remembrance of Galician Jews Galicjaner Sztetl (Galicianer Shtetl), cleaning the cemetery and other works, other interested parties are also involved in the Committee’s activities. As part of the project to renovate the Jewish Cemetery, one (part-time) job was also organized, which was a condition imposed by various institutions to assign trainees to our activities, financed from external sources, especially from EU funds.

A major role is played by our Compatriots, the descendants of Tarnów Jews, who gather around the Committee, creating a special network to support its activities, both emotionally and financially. They also participate on the Internet forum, mediating in genealogical and historical research and maintaining ties among everyone involved in the Committee’s activities.

The contact point is the Jewish.Tarnow community/group founded by us on Facebook.

Our fan-page on Facebook is:

Areas of activity:
Science, culture, ecology
– Culture, art, protection of cultural assets and national heritage
– Protection of monuments, heritage
Identity, national tradition
– Maintaining and promoting national tradition, cultivating Polishness, developing national, civic and cultural awareness